School Profile

About Kings Education Canada

King’s School was founded in August 2014, registered with Ontario Ministry of Education, whose BSID is 669562. Its initial goal was to fulfill some educational concepts, whose core belief is to cultivate students’ integrity, independent thinking, adventurous spirit, and pave a solid way for their university study in Canada

Before sending children abroad,many parents believe that children can acquire a foreign language effortlessly when they are in another country. Actually, the reality is opposite. If students come to Canada before 12 years old, their language acquiring ability is sound: they can catch up with local students in one or two years. However, many parents only start to consider the abroad study when their children are in grade 11 or grade 12. There are two prominent reasons: one is that they are the sole child in the family, thus parents are hesitating; the other one is for economic consideration. However, when children arrive in Canada, they can barely understand their teachers in classroom and can not complete their assignments, which particularly include presentations, essays, magazine design, and poetry. These make lots of students inadaptable even though they spend huge amount of time, they still do not have confidence.

The cornerstone concept of Kings is to facilitate students to adapt themselves to academic study in Canada, and stride into renowned universities. Her striking trait can be summarized into one sentence: value the learning process, pursue the fixed targets, and obtain high-ranked university admissions. Valuing the learning process means to cultivate students’ fully developed personality, form students’ learning habits. Pursuing the fixed targets means every student should follow their short-term and long-term goals, and reflect them, analyze the difficulties whey meet and find the solutions, thus approaching their aims. Obtaining high-ranked university admissions is milestones students achieve, which is also the wishes hold by their parents.

They are dozens of Kings grads accepted by worldwide renowned universities in the past 4 years, including University of Toronto, University of Waterloo, Western University, McMaster University, York University. There are many outstanding grads including Hongjiang Shi(studying in University of Waterloo with scholarships, band 9 in IELTS listening), Yijun Wang(studying in University of Toronto), Yaning Shi(studying in University of Toronto), Jiayu Tan(Studying in University of Waterloo), Congying Bi(studying in Western University).

Kings also enthusiastically encourage students to take various contests. Hongjiang Shi obtained Top 25% Certificate in consecutive 2 years in Canadian Open Mathematic Contest and Euclid Mathematics Competition by Waterloo University, winning honor for Kings. A wide variety of extra-curricular activities and volunteer activities are also advocated at Kings, including  Nanjing Massacre Memorial Ceremony, municipality election campaigns, which enrich students’ life outside of classroom and breed students’ strong sense of responsibility.

Kings also was appointed as official IELTS test venue, serving about 2000 takers in GTA. There are approximately 1000 students enrolled in IELTS preparation courses, many of whom achieved very high band in IELTS tests and wined lots of scholarships.