School Mission and Advantages

School Missions

  • Equip students with adequate knowledge and good learning habits to meet the challenges in universities, and actualize their dreams !
  • Empower students to welcome the uncertainty in life and enjoy it!
  • School Advantages

    ● King’s School is located in Toronto, Canada – safe, convenient, noble vibrant, and culturally diversified !

    ● King’s School is located in a prime location where the subway line and multiple bus lines converge, and the traffic is very convenient.

    After-School Services

    Students who need additional study guidance can get professional counseling from our team.

    ● According to the learning content and feedback of each unit, the teacher will carefully explain and recommend them to the after-school tutoring course for the students who need extra help, and receive continuous counseling.

    ● Students receive counseling and help in both the classroom and after class

    One-on-one and small class tutoring courses

    Depending on the student’s needs, King’s School will provide an additional one-on-one private tutoring or small class tutoring to help students improve their academic performance and achieve their goals.

    Success stories:

    University offer

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