Principal’s welcome

Principal’s welcome

As the Principal of King’s School, I firmly hold the stance that your children should grow and develop in a safe, healthy, and happy environment, and while learning knowledge, they should have fully developed personality and independent learning ability. My motto is to turn students into talents, to let parents have a peace of mind.

About students’ development, there are two different theories: nature decisive and nurture decisive. The former believes that children’s inherent aptitude plays a decisive role while the latter believes environment and education have impacts.

I am fully convinced that children’s inborn qualities are not the most critical factors. Researches indicate that human brains are in dynamic state: if they are fully exploited, their brain capacity will become more powerful. Therefore, nurture plays a more significant role in students’ growth academically and emotionally.

King’s Total Care Plan is based on the theory that nurture and environment can foster students’ excellence. In terms of academic study, King’s provides comprehensive supports including language, learning strategies, critical thinking, psychology and so forth. In daily life, supportive teams help students have balanced life along with study. They also maintain 24/7 communication with parents. In other words, teachers and staff are navigators and coaches.

King’s has its unique teaching: to integrate IELTS preparation into credit courses seamlessly. The year round IELTS prep course can promote students English faculty; Credit courses are geared to the needs of targeted university programs and levels of difficulties. The ultimate goal of these is to ensure students are fully prepared to pursue their university study.

As a parent of 3 children myself, I deeply know what education means for a family. I firmly believe that your trust and confidence in us is the most crucial motivation to go after excellence.

Let parents have peace of mind, let child grow up, and make King’s become a home for students far away from their homes, which is the endless pursuit of very one at King’s.

Thanks again for your trust, and the future of your children is my biggest mission.